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YTMOON high Performance  cyanoacrylate adhesives are instant bonding, single component adhesives, that bond almost all closefitting smooth surfaces in seconds. It requires no mixing, no heating, no clamping. These adhesives contain no solvent, have low toxicity, mild odor and nonflammable.  Different types of viscosities are available for different applications. Low viscosity product features good penetration for fitting smooth surfaces, while high viscosity product provides outstanding adhesion for porous surfaces. Thixotropic Gel  is especially for vertical and porous surface application which will not migrate.

Using Method:

1. Surface treatment

YTMOON cyanoacrylate adhesive demonstrates its high strength on thoroughly cleaned surfaces.  Therefore ,completely remove moisture, oil, rust, mold release agent and other contaminants from the surface is the essential factor to ensure satisfactory bonding strength. 

2. Bonding Method

Apply only small quantity of YTMOON series CA product on one of the surfaces to be bonded, lap them together to achieve thin and uniform and thin application. Then fix them securely at the prescribed position. The thinner adhesive application, the stronger bonding strength will be obtained. 

Instant Adhesive can bond various materials


 ◆ Machine Parts

 ◆ Jewellery Parts

 ◆ Temporary tacking parts for soldering and welding

 ◆ Holding o-rings / gaskets etc. in place during assembly

Plastics, Rubber and Ceramic

 ◆ Electrical components

 ◆ Wire tacking

 ◆ Rubber components on garden equipment

 ◆ Exercise equipment

 ◆ Sporting equipment and toy

 ◆ Aquarium heating and Filtering equipment

 ◆ Computer and calculator

 ◆ Tape drives

 ◆ Musical instrument

 ◆ Permanent or temporary placement of o-rings and gaskets

 ◆ Computer printer ribbon cartridges

 ◆ Audio / video cassettes

 ◆ Permanent tubing couplings

 ◆ Heating and cooling ducts

 ◆ Display cases

 ◆ Lighting fixtures

 ◆ Auto dashboard repair and Rubber door moldings

 ◆ Auto tail-light lenses, knobs etc.Tops and seats

 ◆ Pvc sprinkler / irrigation systems

 ◆ Eyelash adhesion and decoration

 ◆ Plastic fingernails

Electronic Components and pcbprs

◆ Electrical/electronic components

 ◆ Radar equipment

 ◆ Satellite dish

 ◆ Wire tacking, wire routing and shaping

 ◆ Instrument housings

 ◆ Antennas

 ◆ Transformer


 ◆ Furniture making and repair

 ◆ Architectural models

 ◆ Picture frame

 ◆ Game & toy

 ◆ Display cases

 ◆ Musical instrument

 ◆ Antique restoration

 ◆ Preparing green wood

 ◆ Wood turning


 ◆ Shoe repair

 ◆ Auto upholstery

 ◆ Luggage

 ◆ Sports equipment

Instant Adhesive can even bond difficult materials such as Modified Silicone Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Thermoplastic Elastomer, Modified Polyolefine Resin, Nylon and Polyacetel Resin (Copolymer).


  Instant adhesive does not adhere to:

 ▲ Polyethylene

 ▲ Polypropylene

 ▲ Fluorosin

 ▲ Silicon rubber and Styrofoam

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